6th Anniversary of the Great East Japan earthquake on March 12, 2017

Six years ago on March 11, 2001 at 2:46 in the afternoon, a magnitude 9 earthquake struck off the coast of Tohoku, Japan. Almost 16,000 people died, 2,562 went missing, and more than 6,000 were injured. Some 1,808 children lost one or both parents.

Since that day, we decided to organise an event in Hong Kong during the ten years that followed the event, in order to extend a helping hand. Since 2011, you have raised more than HK$930,000 for this. The money has been given to a number of charities: Hatachi Foundation (2016), UNESCO (2015), Save the Children (2014), Momokaki (2013), Ashinaga (2012) and the Red Cross (2011).

Again, we are gathering in Hong Kong again on Sunday March 12, 2017 to commemorate the event. Please take a tiny time out in your day to join us. And let’s see when we can reach the $1,000,000 mark!!!

As every year, we’re gathering in Repulse Bay (click for Google Street View) on Sunday March 12, 2017 at 14h30 at the bottom of the stairs leading up from HK International School on South Bay Close (see map). Like last year, we aim to climb to the top of the Twins (Ma Kong Shan - 孖崗山). (Note: For those who find the stair climb too challenging, you may take the easier flat course along the catch water to Stanley).

Donations large or small are all welcome, and especially from children! This year, we'd like to donate the proceeds to "3.11. Juku" If you can’t join us on March 12, you can still donate directly by money transfer. Please send us a note afterwards so we can consolidate the names and comments here on this site.

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第一回目から被災した子どもたちを支援する団体へ寄附してきました。今年は震災孤児遺児が成長する日まで支援をする『3.11塾』公益社法人 3.11震災孤児遺児文化スポーツ支援機構へ送金したいと思います。Step2000はこれまで『ハタチ基金』2016年、『日本ユネスコ協会』2015年、『セーブ⚫︎⚫︎チルドレン ジャパン』(2014年)、『桃柿育英会』(2013年)、『あしなが育英会』(2012年)、『日本赤十字』(2011年)に寄付金を送金してきましたが、総額が約93万香港ドル(日本円にして1400万円ほど)となり100万ドル近くになっています。

今年のStep2000312日午後230分、例年通り、レパルスベイにある香港インターナショナルスクールアッパー小学部( South Bay Close, Repulse Bay)から少し山側のツイン山(孖崗山)に続く階段前に午後230分集合し、東日本大震災発生時刻の2時46分に黙祷を捧げたいと思います。(注:ツイン山の階段がきついと思われる方には、平坦な易しい階段回避コースを用意しています。)地図をこちらにリンクしています。



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